Vaseline machine

16 Sep

After an awesome day at Playa Hermosa (more on that later), we all came home sandy, salty, and ready for naps. Lucy was half asleep on the car ride home, so we figured it would be easy to transfer her right to bed. While I nursed Teddy, Justin settled Lucy in for a refreshing air conditioned sleep. Two hours later, a sun-burned Justin emerged cloudy, but rested. Lucy emerged coated in Vaseline – an entire tube’s worth. Apparently while Justin snoozed, Lucy painted her room in petroleum jelly. Not quite realizing the extent of her artistic expression, I went to her room to find 90% of her books stuck together and tiny jelly footprints all over her floor. But of course, one can’t truly be considered an artist until she becomes the art…sadly, photos just don’t do this self-expression justice, but let’s just say that she could have shined ten pairs of shoes with her forehead and stopped numerous door hinges from squeaking with the amount of Vaseline in her hair. Oh and Justin (who I hold fully accountable for this act) did add that at least Lucy didn’t find the talcum powder, too.


Lucy’s hair, post-shampoo, the morning after

2 Responses to “Vaseline machine”

  1. Mom September 16, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Oh my what a mess!!! Did Justin clean it up???? Love, Mom

  2. Auntie Caity September 17, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

    how deos one cleane up vaseline?? Sounds tricky. Good luck with that one. Give your little mischief maker a squeeze from me.

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