Lucy Tuesday, take two: The Climber

10 Sep


Our original plan for this week’s Lucy Tuesday was to join some friends out at Morgan’s Rock milking cows, feeding chickens and then sharing breakfast made with the fruits of our labor. Fantastic outing, right? Unfortunately, the resort wanted $35 per adult and $25 per kid to participate. Seemed a little pricey considering we have cows and sheep in our front yard more often than not. So we bagged the idea in search of a better option for another day.

This meant that I didn’t have much planned for the morning and instead gave Lucy the choice of beach or town. She chose town and so we hit the park for playtime and to work up our appetites for a special treat at Gato Negro. I opted for the Berry Berry Nice smoothie and Lucy had a perfectly sized mini banana chocolate chip muffin.


But let’s get back to the park for a moment, shall we? I have a love/hate relationship with this park.  I love it for all that it provides for Lucy and every other kid in San Juan.  I love that Lucy meets kids there that she might not otherwise meet.  I love that she learned to climb and slide and swing at this park.  I love that this is the first park she ever visited.  I love it because she loves it.

And yet, I hate the rusty nails, the broken ladders, the gravel beneath our feet, the fact that they just razed multiple trees and left little to no shade, and the dog pee lurking around every lamppost.  I tolerate it because I know how much Lucy truly loves this park.  So I finally decided to stop complaining and do something about it.  I approached a friend, who has a good relationship with both the community and the alcaldia (mayor’s office) and asked her thoughts on doing some fundraising to improve the park.  She, rightly so, suggested that we first approach the alcalde to see if they would even want our help.  As it turns out, they are already working to improve the space by adding some new climbing equipment for younger kids (apparently, the trees were chopped to make room for the new toys).  Sure enough, today we found a worker digging holes and pouring cement in anticipation of the new equipment.

I am thrilled by the effort, but I still feel that more can be done.   Perhaps a fence to keep the dogs out, recycled tire bits in place of the gravel, rubber or plastic covers for the rusting swing chains, and maybe one day, a total replacement of the much-loved, but well-weathered wooden climbing apparatus?  For now, I will bite my tongue and see what develops, but if you, lovely readers, would like to help improve our little park, please drop me a line.  I’m open to suggestions to be shared with the mayor’s office, as well as donations (still working on how to properly collect and gift these, so please bear with me).

In the meantime, enjoy this little retrospective of Lucy growing up in our local park:


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