36 Days

20 Jan

Over the summer, Lucy and I stayed in New England while Justin returned to Nicaragua.  It was a last minute decision, but still one that we struggled with because we had never been apart for more than a week, 10 days max.  Plus, it was the first time that Justin would be away from Lucy.  But, the mental, physical, and financial toll that all the flying would have on our family, with just 5 weeks in between trips, made it seem worth it to part ways, ever so briefly.  We all missed each terribly, Skyping every day.  To pass the time, Lucy and I began a photo countdown of the days left until we were all reunited.  We sent one pic to Justin each day.  We tried to incorporate everyday events: Hurricane Irene (broken branches in yard), toothbrush (first time brushing teeth), grandparents, clementines (Lucy became obsessed with them for a week), nature walks, etc.  Some are slightly more obscure than others…enjoy!

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