Staying Present

21 Nov

Lucy turned one yesterday.  I’ve struggled for nearly a week to put to paper all of my feelings about this tremendous day.  I’ve tried writing Lucy’s birth story.  I’ve tried writing her a letter.  I’ve tried outlining her amazing accomplishments of the last 365 days.  I’ve tried to describe how I felt that first time I looked at her, held her, nursed her, bathed her.  But nothing seems quite right.  Nothing can do this day justice.  How do I honor such a beautiful life that has only just begun?  How do I explain to my baby girl all of the joy and love that I feel for her everyday?  How do I share my hopes and dreams for her?  And how do I make this letter meaningful enough that she understands and feels it when she’s an adolescent, a young adult, perhaps a mother herself one day?

For Lucy’s first birthday, I asked my parents to each write a letter to her.  My mom’s note arrived yesterday.  While it is Lucy’s to share when and if she wants to, I will quote just this:

“What a joy and a privilege to spend time with you!!  You taught us to slow down and enjoy the present.  We recognized that time flies by and all of our grandchildren were changing and growing very rapidly and if we didn’t take heed we would miss it all.”

I will write her my love letter, but for now, I will slow down and enjoy the present, this present of life and family.  I love you my sweet, sweet baby girl.


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