Calor de Vista

13 Nov

I am happy to present you with Justin’s first post…

Lucy puked for the first time during football a few Sundays back.  Scared the shit out of us because it also came along with a fever.  Projectiled all over the place and started burning up.  At first I thought it was a combo of no Pats (bye week) and the atrocious fantasy football performance of daddy’s starting Tennessee RB Chris Johnson vs. Houston.  But later we deduced that she essentially paid the price for having stolen one of the other visiting rugrats’ sippy cups which was full of chocolate milk.  Little too soon for her on that beverage.  Fever was because she’s cutting a tooth.

Regarding Lucy’s barfing and fever, our awesomely caring yet superstitious nanny/maid/cook/woman-at-arms Gloria was of a different opinion.  She came in this morning and immediately put a red bracelet on Lucy’s wrist.  Bracelet was a simple piece made of red ribbon, red mountain beans, and some strands of her youngest daughter’s own hair (but that part is a secret according to her–still not sure why).

Apparently Lucy was the victim of the calor de vista, one of the many maladies one must watch for when rearing kids down here.  Babies get feverish and sick when people who have been drinking alcohol look at the baby.  I reviewed the diagnosis with her, telling her I thought the calor de vista only happened when sun-darkened laborers or town drunks looked at her.  Not so, apparently one common pitfall is that friends and family who drink too much can automatically pass their oncoming hangover to the baby in an instant.  She told me she saw all the beer cans in the trash monday morning and knew right away what was wrong with the baby.  And of course how to remedy.

Moral of the story:  Always nice to know your childcare professional is thinking of your baby even when they’re not with her.  And never use your #1 pick on a RB who holds out and misses all of training camp.

2 Responses to “Calor de Vista”

  1. Karen November 14, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    Hey Sarah and Justin,

    Dave and I (and 15-month Owen) are coming down with my folks and his mom. We’ll be in SJdS Nov 19-25 and hope to see you guys and meet adorable little Lucy (btw, CONGRATULATIONS! Parenthood is pretty awesome, huh?). How time flies…last time we saw you, Owen was a 3-month old peanut, and Lucy was less than a month away.


    • Sarah November 14, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

      Hi Karen! Great to hear from you! Justin, Lucy and I would love to see you guys while you are in town. How amazing that these kiddos are growing up so fast, right?! I’ll email you with my phone number so that we can meet up when you are here.

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