Honey, there’s a boa constrictor in the tree outside

21 Jun

How many wives do you know who get to wake their husbands with, “honey, there’s a boa constrictor in the tree outside”?  This morning, wrapped tightly around a tree limb, just above our neighbors’ front porch, slept this guy:

…and perhaps even more remarkable than the snake sighting was the normalcy of the occurrence.  Upon the sighting, I texted our neighbor, Stephanie, who lives in our ‘hood, to share the news.  “Oh cool,” she responded indifferently.  “Oscar showed me a baby one the other day.”

Though we may not see giant reptiles on a regular basis, we have had our fair share of encounters with other funky creatures from stingrays to scorpions:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a recent visit to my folks’ place in Syracuse, we made a trip to the Burnett Park Zoo, a favorite spot from my childhood.  It turned out to be a gesture completely lost on Lucy, who snoozed thru the entire afternoon, but Justin and I had fun.  As we made our way thru the Antiquities section, we marveled at just how many of those little critters inhabit our own front yard (and occasionally our bedroom) back in San Juan.

Somehow, these critters have become just another part of our neighborhood.  Or more likely, we’ve become part of theirs.

One Response to “Honey, there’s a boa constrictor in the tree outside”

  1. Dana June 24, 2011 at 4:54 am #

    We found a coral snake a few weeks ago. The guys hung it from the tree. I kept thinking it would make a mighty perdy belt. Or baby shoes.
    Now I am paranoid to walk in the dark with my flops on!

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